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 I. NAME OF CLUB:  Vitalia Vipers Pickleball Club 


     1. To promote the enjoyment of pickleball to all residents of Vitalia.

     2. To make recommendations regarding facilities, conditions, accommodations and maintenance for pickleball.

     3. To make available means for improving pickleball skills.

     4. To arrange for tournaments, outings and socials within Vitalia and at other local pickleball facilities. 


     1. Any resident of Vitalia may become a member.

     2. Members will abide by the bylaws and should support and participate in club functions.

     3. Membership will be terminated by voluntary withdrawal, nonpayment of dues or assessments, violation of the provisions of these by-laws, or violation of published                     rules, guidelines and regulations promulgated by the Homeowners Association. 


     1. General membership meetings shall be held quarterly or any other time, as approved by the Pickleball Club Board.

     2. An annual meeting shall be held in the month of February each year for the purpose of electing officers, needs assessment and general planning for the season’s                         activities.

     3. Each member in good standing shall be entitled to one vote.

     4. A quorum is defined as a majority of membership for purpose of voting.

     5. A majority of the quorum  shall decide an issue or an election.

     6. Robert’s Rules of Order will govern the conduct of all meetings. 


     1. The Pickleball Club Board is made up five (5) active members.

     2. The Board makeup shall consist of at least 2 males and 2 females.

     3. Election of board members will take place in March.

     4. Terms of office shall be two years, from March 1st thru February 28th.

     5. Members willing to serve on the board must accept nomination or self-nominate themselves for consideration.

     6. Pickleball Club Board members shall be elected per Section IV.3 and IV.4.  

     7. The newly elected Board members will establish the board position assignments of one (1) President, one (1) Vice President, one (1) Secretary, one (1) Treasurer, and                    one (1) Officer at large. If a vote is needed to establish board positions, the outgoing board and newly elected board will vote until all positions are assigned.  

     8. Vacancies in any office may be filled by the President but then ratified by a majority of the members at the next scheduled meeting.  

     9. Roles and responsibilites of each officer will be established in the first board meeting.  Adjustments can be made as needed in future board meetings with a majority               vote of the board.

   10. The past President shall continue in an advisory capacity for one year following their term.

   11. The Board’s President or Vice President shall preside at all meetings. 
   12. Pickleball Board meetings shall take place as required. 

     1. The Pickleball Club Board will establish separate committees as needed to conduct various functions and special events throughout the year.

     2. These committees will be responsible for coordinating the planned events and can be made up of non board members. 


     1. The Pickleball Club Board shall present the request for changes or additions of the club by-laws, with its recommendations, and will publicize the proposed changes or                additions via email to all Pickleball Club members.

     2. At the following general membership meeting, after notification of the proposed changes or additions, the modifications shall be discussed and voted upon.

     3. A majority of members is required to amend the by-laws.  A quorum is needed at the meeting per Section IV.3. 


     1. There will be a $10 annual fee associated with the Vitalia Vipers Pickleball Club.

     2. The annual fee will be proposed by each newly elected board and will require twothirds (2/3) majority vote of all members.  If less than two-thirds approval is received,                 previous annual fee will will remain in place.

     3. All dues and fees may be paid to any board member or mailed to the Treasurer with a check made payable to Vitalia Pickleball Club.

     4. Annual dues will be collected in December and January from all members.  

     5. New members joining in December will receive a one month exemption.  (Receiving 13 months instead of 12 months for their annual dues).

     6. Fees may be assessed for tournaments, events, clinics, etc.

     7. The Treasurer will establish record-keeping and banking account(s) to track all expenditures.

     8. Two board members will have access to the bank account. 


     1. Any equipment loaned to the Club shall be returned to the lender. All other equipment purchased or donated to the club and any remaining funds in the treasury shall              be given to the Vitalia Home Owners Association for use by Vitalia residents. 
Adopted by the Vitalia Vipers Pickleball Club on  October 22, 2016 
Dore Handy, Secretary 

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